Ensoniq DP Pro - Near Mint!

Date posted 07 Sep 2015

Price: $ 500

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Ensoniq DP Pro Professional 24-bit Effects Processor:
Up for sale is a super-clean Ensoniq DP Pro, in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. This unit was used in a non-smoking home studio, and never traveled. It's in astounding condition, and comes with the original box, a set of manuals, and power cord. These come up very rarely, and this one is in rare condition.

Product Description:
The DP-Pro has a different set of algorithms from its Ensoniq predecessors, including the DP4. For those familiar with the DP4, the DP-Pro is a dual (effect) module system. The Pro also differs markedly in its quality, with the intention for this to be a high-end unit. It will process signals down to 1 or 2 Hz and up to 22Khz. It was to come with a digital in/out option but this was never released to the public.

The DP-Pro has 39 different algorithms, with some targeting mastering functions (such as compression and stereo imaging). The unit features a rich array of space modellers, reverb and ambience effects that are a significant cut above the DP4/DP4 offerings. It offers even more tweaking possibilities than its predecessors as well. For example the stereo delay (which is a delay line up to 1365ms) offers a wide range of shelving EQ gain options, as well as Hi- and Low-cut filtering and LFO options, including LFO phase and more. The spacial effects are varied and wide-ranging; guitar distortion effects, a formant effect and others that are quirky and unique. Chorusing and other basic effects are given new, fresh options due to the depth of tweaking and the processing power available. No intelligent pitch shifting option but plenty of de-tuning and fixed pitch-shifting as in the DP4.

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